Ready to take the first step on your service-learning journey? Submit a Course Proposal to the Service-Learning Coordinator to share your vision and schedule an in-person meeting.

This Course Proposal enables you to begin planning your very own service-learning course. The form should take no more than ten minutes, and is designed for use by new and veteran service-learning faculty.


When should I submit a Course Proposal?

Course Proposals must be submitted at least one semester in advance of when you would like to implement your service-learning course. Please note that the submission of a Course Proposal does NOT guarantee that you will be implementing a service-learning course in the semester you desire. This is only the first step in the process!

If you have completed a Course Proposal in the past, all Course Proposals are stored in a digital repository within the Office of Experiential Learning – there is no need to submit a new proposal each semester! Course Proposals need only be submitted when you’re planning to implement service-learning in a course that you’ve not previously submitted a proposal for.

Do I need to have a course plan ready before filling out a proposal?

Absolutely not! This Proposal will signal the Service-Learning Coordinator that you are interested in starting the implementation process. After submitting this proposal, the Service-Learning Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule an in-person meeting to walk you through your Course Planning Document, the official outline of your service-learning course.

What about a Community Partner?

Nope! A few ideas about who you might want to work with are helpful, but the Service-Learning Coordinator will help you with Community Partner recruitment once your Course Plan has been drafted.

What if I haven’t completed OEL’s Service-Learning Training? 

Without completing either of our in-person or online Service-Learning trainings, your service-learning course will not be eligible for a Service-Learning Designation in the Registrar. You’re still welcome to submit a proposal, though! Click here to enroll in our online training.