“Earn Credit and Make a Difference!”

Want to earn credit for making a difference in your community? Enroll in a service-learning course section!

Service-learning sections cover the same content as standard course sections, with community engagement integrated directly into the syllabus and learning objectives. Service projects will be required for one portion of the course, and reflective activities in class will help you connect your service back to what you’re learning in the classroom.

Below is a list of courses with required or optional Service-Learning projects.  Not all courses are offered every semester; please search for courses in the Course Catalog with the SVL tag, or look for service-learning course notes in the Course Schedule.

Course Information Professor
ANTH 2302 Introduction to Anthropology (Study Abroad) Paul Lehman
ANTH 2351 Cultural Anthropology (Study Abroad) Paul Lehman
ANTH 2389 Academic Cooperative in Anthropology Carleen Sanchez
BIOL 1308 Biology Fundamentals LaKisha Barrett
BIOL 1407 Structure and Function of Organisms Curtis Eckerman
BIOL 2406 Microbiology for Health Sciences LaKisha Barrett
CHEM 1112 General Chemistry II Debamita Paul
CHLT 1341 Environmental Health Alina Satkoski
DHYG 1215 Community Dentistry Michelle Landrum, Melissa Vetter
DHYG 2102 Applied Community Dentistry Michelle Landrum, Melissa Vetter
EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks QueenSamantha Ackers, Joseph Ferguson, Lillian Huerta, Shih-Ting Lee, Amber Sarker
ENGL 1301 Composition I Anne Fletcher, Jennifer Gribble, Heidi Juel, Alana King, Becky Villarreal
ENGL 1302 Composition II Anne Fletcher, Alana King, Becky Villarreal
ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing Alex Watkins
ENGL 2322 British Literature: Anglo-Saxon through 18th Century David Estringel, Alana King
ENGL 2328 American Literature: Civil War to the Present Becky Villarreal
ENVR 1301 Introduction to Environmental Science Stefanie Bergmanson, Elena Keen, and Alina Satkoski
ESOL 0302 Oral Communication 2 Elizabeth Rivas
ESOL 0303/COMX 4003 Oral Communication 3 Elizabeth Rivas
ESOL 1309 / COMX 4009: Advanced American Pronunciation Elizabeth Rivas
ESOL 0313/COMX 4013 Reading and Vocabulary 3 Elizabeth Rivas
ETWR 2470 Multimedia for Business Communication Alex Watkins
GISC 1479 Introduction to Geospatial Data Sean Moran
GISC 2401 Data Acquisition and Analysis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Braniff Davis, Sally Hol, Stephanie Long, Brent Porter
GOVT 2305 United States Government Rachel Brooks, Vanessa Faz
GOVT 2306 Texas State and Local Government Rachel Brooks, Vanessa Faz
HUMA 1301 Humanities: Prehistory to Renaissance Lillian Huerta, Alana King
HUMA 1302 Humanities: Renaissance to Present Alana King
HUMA 1311 Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation Lillian Huerta, Jean Lauer
PHIL 2306 Ethics Linda Cox, Azzurra Crispino
POFT 1171 College to Career Success Lillian Huerta
PSYC 2315 Psychology of Adjustment (Study Abroad) Kathy Frost
PSYC 2319 Social Psychology (Standard and Study Abroad) Kathy Frost
PSYC 2389 PACS Academic Cooperative Shirin Khosropour
SOCI 1301 Introduction to Sociology Jackie Burns
SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication Theresa Glenn
SPCH 1311-700 Introduction to Speech Communication (Honors course with a focus on Identity, Sex, Gender, and Culture in Communication) Gretchen Harries
SPCH 1315-700 Public Speaking (Honors) Gretchen Harries
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking Milton (Terry) Hunt
UXUI 2379 User Experience Lab David Schlossberg


Contact servicelearning@austincc.edu for more information.