Designating your course as ‘Service-Learning’ enables students to seek out and enroll in these opportunities. Additionally, you will have the luxury of knowing that all of your students are aware of your required community engagement component before they even set foot in the classroom. Finally, course designation increases the visibility of ACC’s Service-Learning Program and visually represents the institution’s commitment to this high impact practice.

Service-Learning section type designations are only granted to courses taught by Service-Learning Faculty Fellows. In order to become a fellow, you must first complete our Service-Learning Online Training in one of two ways:

  • Over the Summer: Our Service-Learning Summer Institute is a six part, synchronous training hosted over Blackboard Collaborate that actively engages faculty in service-learning theory in order to prepare them for course implementation.
  • Online at Your Own Pace: If asynchronous learning is more your thing, enroll in our Service-Learning Online Training at any time! This course reviews the same content as our Summer Institute, but in a fully online format so that you can move through the content along your own schedule.
After completing our Service-Learning Training, you’ll be added to our Service-Learning Fellowship Hub, an exclusive faculty network that shares updates and events for the service-learning program.


Additionally, all Fellows are eligible to apply for TLED Faculty Research Fellowships in Service-Learning. These fellowships encourage faculty to broaden their understanding of service-learning through research, and to give back to the ACC Service-Learning Program through mentorship and professional collaboration. To learn more and apply to our Fellowship Program, visit the TLED Service-Learning Fellowship website.