Service-Learning Fellows Pathway

We welcome faculty from every department at ACC to join our community of community-engaged educators by embarking on our Service-Learning Fellows pathway!  We offer a guided professional development Service-Learning Fellows pathway along with a number of individual opportunities for professional development. 

Service-Learning Faculty Fellow Level 1

Once you complete the Service-Learning Training, you will become a Service-Learning Faculty Fellow Level 1.  Service-Learning section type designations are only granted to courses taught by Service-Learning Faculty Fellows.   Learn how to become a Service-Learning Faculty Fellow here. 

Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Levels 2 – 3

Service-Learning Level 1 Fellows who complete our Service-Learning Training have the exclusive opportunity to implement officially designated service-learning courses and apply for further TLED Faculty Research Fellowships in Service-Learning. These fellowships encourage faculty to broaden their understanding of service-learning through research, and to give back to the ACC Service-Learning Program through mentorship and professional collaboration. To learn more and apply to our Fellowship Program, visit the TLED Service-Learning Fellowship website.