Designating your course as ‘Service-Learning’ enables students to seek out and enroll in these opportunities. Additionally, you will have the luxury of knowing that all of your students are aware of your required community engagement component before they even set foot in the classroom. Finally, course designation increases the visibility of ACC’s Service-Learning Program and visually represents the institution’s commitment to this high impact practice.

In order to teach or continue teaching service-learning designated courses, faculty must first complete the Service-Learning Training offered through the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL). This training can be completed in one of three ways:

Over the Summer:
This three-day summer institute is intended to standardize service-learning pedagogy at ACC, ensuring that all service-learning courses are utilizing best practices grounded in contemporary research. Participating faculty will learn more about service-learning theory, successful service-learning programs, and will engage in activities that they can then implement in their own courses.   

Spring or Fall Training Series: 
If you’re not available over the summer, consider participating in either our three-part Spring or Fall Training Series. These workshops cover the same content presented in our summer institute, but spread out over the course of a semester.

Online via Blackboard:
Our Online Service-Learning Institute is now live! Enroll in the Service-Learning Online Training Course HERE! Please note that if there is not an available seat in the online course, you may be waitlisted.