Looking for a way to get involved outside of the classroom? The easiest way to find service opportunities that fit into your schedule is to visit ACC on GivePulse.

GivePulse enables ACC and our community partners to post upcoming volunteer opportunities for students to engage with. You can filter the opportunities according to your interest or major, to make sure that your serving organizations you truly care about!

To join GivePulse, check out the ACC GivePulse page!

Online and Remote Service Opportunities

Want to help your community from the comfort of your own home? The following service opportunities are available remotely. If you are pursuing these opportunities in order to fulfill a service hour requirement for class, be sure to consult with your Professor to make sure that these opportunities will count toward your requirement.

  • Foundation Community Care Calls – Be connected with a single adult resident living within Foundation Communities to help mitigate the isolation caused by social distancing. If you’re interested in applying, complete this volunteer interest form. 
  • Senior Access Texas Senior Buddy Program – Connect with and shop for senior citizens who are home-bound due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. See the Senior Access website for more information. 
  • Project Gutenberg Volunteer – Help convert public domain literature into E-Books for Project Gutenberg. For more information, visit the Distributed Proofreaders Website. 
  • Prison Letter Writing – Prison Abolition Prisoner Support (PAPS) is hosting an online letter writing event each Friday at 1pm. For more information, email iheartpaps@gmail.com or PAPS Facebook.
  • SAFE Austin – Compile craft kits, design holiday decorations, or donate food and positive affirmation to SAFE clientele through some of SAFE’s remote volunteer programs. See more information on the SAFE website.
  • Bookshare – If you have a scanner at home, help people with disabilities access the written world by scanning books or cleaning up the files used to create accessible books. Sign up at https://www.bookshare.org/cms/get-involved/volunteer/opportunities-us.
  • The Human Voicebank – Read a few sentences to contribute your voice to be used in assistive technology for people who are unable to vocalize. Learn more at https://www.vocalid.co/voicebank.
  • Operation Photo Rescue – If you have experience working in PhotoShop, you can help to restore personal photos for victims of floods and other natural disasters. Get started at http://www.operationphotorescue.org/.